Cofimar group

We are currently marketing our products in several countries, and we are achieving our main objective:


"To become one of the most successful companies in the sector of the shrimp industry"


Our group owns over 2000 hectares of shrimp farms that have been certified by the National Fisheries Institute (Instituto Nacional de Pesca), as well as laboratories from which the larvae we use for planting, which are managed under organic standards, to guarantee quality, and reliability of our shrimp from its beginning to reach the final consumer. COFIMAR is committed to an international expansion program with its own production.


quality control

COFIMAR S.A. is a frozen shrimp processing company, which bases its production processes on solid principles of quality, food safety and legality, in order to achieve the satisfaction of our customers.


COFIMAR S.A. is committed to obtaining the satisfaction of its customers through finished products that guarantee safety and harmlessness by means of appropriate follow-up controls from the origin of the raw material to the final product, fully ensuring the confidence of their consumption.


The quality objectives are established by international regimes to meet the best quality standards and always continue to improvise and innovate, we have the following systems:

quality control system

HACCP with Codex Food Standards

Inspections before shipment

Analysis Report Certificates

Production control

Sensory evaluation

Photographic Product Specifications

Laboratories approved

Product / sample inspections


Chemical and microbiological analysis.



COFIMAR shares the current global business philosophy based on the consideration of environmental issues in shrimp production and marketing.


The technical evaluation of products is based on our norms of commercial philosophy and the promotion of sustainable sources and within the limits of international agreements. We are always looking to meet standards that promote the well-being of our industry so that future generations can continue with a sustainable food chain.

we believe that...

Our strength lies in the control over our own production and purchase of third parties, we can guarantee a continuous supply of products for our customers. We believe in the promotion and maintenance of a mutually beneficial relationship with our clients and thus both reach the success.



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