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Our Location

We are located in the El Morro sector of the Guayaquil canton, where the biodiversity of flora, marine and wild fauna is abundant. We are always committed to reducing negative social and environmental impacts through the conservation of mangroves, artificial wetlands and the adoption of sustainable practices.

In this area we protect more than 1000 hectares of virgin mangroves, made up of two types of Mangrove:

  • Red mangrove - Rhizophora.
  • White mangrove - Laguncularia racemosa

In addition, we have an extensive area of dry forest in undisturbed highlands such as:

  • Ceibo - Ceiba trichistandra.
  • Cascol - Caesalpina glabatra.
  • Bototillo - Cochlospermum vitifolium.
  • Among others.

We have a biological corridor that allows the connection between the dry forest area on the west side with the east side, its width is from 142m to 842m in its widest part.

These mangroves are home and refuge for wildlife, from migratory bird species to reptiles and marine species.

Among the birds that inhabit this ecosystem are:

  • Herons.
  • Pink Spatula.
  • Whistling Duck.
  • Gavilanes.
  • Owls
  • Seagulls.
  • Frigate.
  • Swallows.
  • Pelicans.

We have been working on a Reforestation Plan in order to recover green areas in the area of direct influence and the most optimal places are considered to be the areas adjacent to the pools with little mangrove cover and the dry forests with the cultivation of native forests.

It is essential that we continue to protect our mangroves and ensure the productivity they provide to the environment.